Wholesale factory price rubber floor for gym


Colorful elastic rubber tile is a new environmen friendly product of high technology, it is called the fifth generation of floor paving materials. It is a new functional material for floor paving, compared with wood and stone tile, it has lots of advantages and can be used as  both in-doors and out-doors floor. The harmonious colors and comfortable flexibility can make people have mild sense of sight, enjoy comfortable walking feeling and feel relaxed. It provides sound protection to human.

These products are non-toxic and harmless, with properties of excellent abrasion resistance, heat and cold resistance. It does not need any assistant material when paving them, easy for installation and have a long using life.


Application places: school, kindergarten, nursing home, palaestra, gymnasium, amusement park, swimming pool bank, computer room, transformer substation, park, square, family, yard, hospital, cinema and theater, library, museum, hotel, scriptoriwn, airport, train and bus station, wharf and so on.



1 Shock absorption function helps to absorb noise and vibration.

2 Soft materials with good elasticity, sliding resistance and security protection

3 Excellent pressure resistance and abrasion resistance

4 Can be used -40 to 100 centigrade 

5 Good aging resistance, has the nature of oxidation resistance and anti-ultraviolet ray, can be used outdoors with a long using life

6 Good resistances to contamination and pollutions, easy to clean

7 Non-toxic and non-radioactivity, it is healthy to people

8 Good property of flame resistance, it can put out the fire by itself

9 Good water permeability

10 Easy installation



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