Skid resisting rubber flooring with connector,easy to install


Product Features:

1. Great compression strength, impact resistance, big friction coefficient, big elasticity, damping non-slip, strong protection performance.

2. Weather resistance, good heat resistance, good UV resistance, could be used any different areas between -40 to 100.

3. Waterproof performance, surface be easily to cleaned, good maintenance

4. Insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-static, flame retardance (can self-extinguishing), big safety factor.

5. Non-toxic, no stimulation to human body, no pollution, quakeproof, no breed microbes

6. Specifications diversely, rich colors, not reflective, beautiful finishes, a variety of patterns can be freely combined.

7. Construction of convenience, can be laid by adhesive bonding , also could be laid directly.

8. This product overcomes the disadvantages of various hard floor tiles , it allows the users in walking and activities are always in a safe and comfortable physical and mental state, relax & comfortable. The gyms which used our products, not only can let players exert best skills, but also could reduce the risk of harmful which caused by jump & other sports equipments. Lay our products places which most participator are aged people and young people,can protect them well too.

9. gyms: sports gym, pingpong room, kindergarten,fitness room, amusement park, entertainment center for aged people, park, residence community, outdoor activities square, shoresides of swimming pool.

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